“Yelp Reviews”

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

karl strauss

Favorite thing was the beer pretzels- so soft and chewy” Rachel S.

Ordered their special beer pretzels! Delicious!” Jessica A.

I'd highly recommend the soft pretzel appetizer. The pretzels are so soft and delicious, they are absolutely to die for!” Alyssa B.

“My favorite appetizer is the beer pretzel, must try it!” Cailey B

“The pretzel was amazing.” Crystal V.

Queenstown Public House

 queenstown jumbo

“The pretzel was fabulous. It comes with 2 sauces- one white mayo/cheese based dip and a homemade mustard dip. It was so good. Possibly the best pretzel I've had.” —Joyce L. Artesia, CA

“My meal started with one of the largest soft pretzels I have ever encountered which was accompanied by two dipping sauces, the Jalapeño Cheese, a slightly spicy, super creamy upscale version of nacho cheese and the sinus clearing, Dijon-like Jack Mustard (use with caution, but definitely use). Locally baked, it is a far, far distant first compared to any soft pretzel you can find at your local fair or sports venue topped with the perfect amount of crunchy salt crystals.” —Kristofer R. San Marcos, CA

“I started with the giant pretzel, which comes out hot, fresh and surrounded by sides of spicy mustard and a decadent cheese sauce. Do not miss ordering the pretzel! I now dream in giant pretzels.” — Lo F. San Diego, CA 

Raglan Public House

“The pretzel is my favorite so far. It's definitely big enough to share.” Jena M. San Diego, CA

“First off, those warm-baked pretzels with the jalapeno-cheese dip, are one of the unique, special memories that I constantly go back to when I think about Raglan PH. They are stellar!” Domenic P. San Diego, CA

“BEST PRETZELS EVER. Had I known, I'd be committed to pretzel rehab by now. Pretzel + Pilsner please!!! YUM!” —Jenny A. Boca Raton, FL

“Take this with a grain of salt, because I only ate a giant pretzel, but that giant pretzel — was — amazing."Shannon H. San Diego, CA

  High Dive Bar and Grill

 high dive

“Yes there are lots of drinks and lots of beers but I am a foodie.  This place is a foodies dream.  Pretzel?  HUGE, SOFT, and DELICIOUS with three different dipping sauces.” Mike P. Temecula, CA

“We also tried the giant pretzel on this visit which came with cheese sauce, stone ground mustard (the real, good stuff with the seeds) and ranch.  It came out hot, was a large portion which was easily shared between the three of us, and satisfied our carb craving.” Jolene W. San Diego, CA

“excellent food surpassed my expectations/- get the big pretzel, chop salad great and ammmaazzzzing blue cheese burger!!!!!” Nikki D. San Diego, CA

San Diego Taproom

“Had the pretzel yesterday and it was very very good.  Surprisingly delicious! I'll keep coming back!” Melissa C. San Diego, CA

 “Some favorites are the calamari and giant pretzel.” Emily S. San Diego, CA

Bo Beau Kitchen

“The couple next to us they order a twist pretzel, kidding you not it was a huge pretzel I have never seen it before enough for five people to share, they offer us a taste and OMG it was so delicious.” Michelle R. Anaheim, CA

Regal Beagle/Seagull

“The sausages are fantastic (also local from a place up in San Marcos), and probably one of the best big soft pretzels I've had (get it with the cheese sauce).” Ariq H. San Diego, CA


“The sausages are fantastic (also local from a place up in San Marcos), and probably one of the best big soft pretzels I've had (get it with the cheese sauce).” Alicia C. Carlsbad, CA

“This place is awesome!! John is the best! Great environment and the best pretzel in town!” Alex H. San Luis Obispo, CA